July Roundup — Brighter skies are here

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5 min readAug 5, 2022


The crypto market seems to have recovered well in the month of July. Bitcoin price is now above the USD 22,500 support, BNB is up over 7%, while smaller altcoins are outperforming.

We’re seeing greener pastures now, with most coins climbing. This comes amid news of “The Merge” of the current ETH Mainnet with the beacon PoS system, while banking giants Barclays and Santander look to invest in crypto firms and offer crypto trading.

There’s much anticipation moving forward. So let’s take a breather, and look at the news in July you might have missed.


Goerli testnet scheduled to merge with Prater

Between August 6 and August 12 (expected on 10th Aug), the Goerli testnet is expected to merge with its associated beacon chain Prater. Read more

Tether & Bitfinex launching P2P video calling app Keet

This messenger is the first app built upon Holepunch, a platform allowing developers to build secure peer-to-peer apps on Web3. The code is projected to move to an open source development by the end of the year. Find out more

Aptos close Series A

The fork from Meta (Facebook) and the lead on their stable coin Diem project, Aptos’ Series A secured USD 150 million from FTX, Jump Crypto, A16c, Multicoin, and more. Read more

Polygon announces zkEVM rollup

The Polygon team announced the first EVM-equivalent ZK L2 at the ETH Community Conference in Paris. This exciting move is a testament to their commitment to the ETH platform. Read more about the other announcements made in Paris here

Celcius files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

At the time of filing for its bankruptcy, Celsius had $1.175 billion in cryptocurrencies, $170 million in cash, $930 million in loans and $720 million in “mining assets.” a USD 1.2 billion hole was reported in the balance sheets as a result of “poor” investment and “unanticipated” losses. Read more here

Disney Web3 Accelerator program

Disney, one of the largest IP holders globally, is launching an accelerator program with 6 Web3 companies participating. It is looking to build immersive experiences through augmented reality (AR), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and artificial intelligence (AI) characters. Read more


BTC Tribal Run: Up to 20% APY!

For Bitcoin HODLers looking for the best way to earn up to 20% APY, sign up for our 14-day BTC savings product, invite your friends, and get rewarded! See details here

Invite your buddies and get a chance to share from a $10,000 prize pool

Join’s “Bring A Buddy Challenge”! The first three phases of our inaugural have gained a huge following. Phase 4 has been with upgraded rules and prizes. Invite your friends and stand to share from a prize pool of up to $10,000 USDT. If you refer more friends, you can also earn up to 50 USDT. See details here now supports TON with 200% APY savings now supports deposit and withdrawal for TON native token TON on its native blockchain. For a limited time only, we have also launched a 200% high APY savings product for TON users. More details here

Savings new upgrade: Get 80% APY Only On

New users, congratulations! Our 80% APY Product is launched for USDT fixed savings! It’s exciting, so you don’t want to miss this. See details here

Trade Spot on and stand to win up to $3000 USDT rewards

Trade spot pairs on and win! The more you trade, the more rewards you’re entitled to! Daily rewards per person go up to $100 USDT, up to $3000 USDT per month! See details here

Trade Futures Challenge, 10,000 USDT for Grabs!

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Insane Blind Box. 100% guaranteed wins!

Everyone wins! It might sound too good to be true, but there’s no catch here. We’re giving away up to 1 ETH, altcoin airdrops, coupons, Apple & Amazon gift cards, Netflix & YouTube subscriptions, and many other exciting gifts sponsored by the platform! More details here

Free BTC when you check in daily on’s app

Just checking in to the app daily entitles you to a chance to win free Bitcoin, up to 10,350 Satoshi every week. Log in now

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES CMO Toya Zhang contributes to Digital Journal

Our CMO Toya Zhang wrote in Digital Journal that Crypto is down but by no means out. She added two glimpses of hope by saying that the number of new crypto wallets being opened has increased by 16% in comparison to last July. Falling prices will also serve to thin out the market as unsustainable business models are exposed to the realities of life in a recession. Read the full article here shares important tips on creating an RMM Strategy

Our team at has released two YouTube videos to give you a detailed tutorial on how to make a Rebalancing Market Making (RMM) strategy work for you. If you’re looking for some stability in the volatile markets, do check out our videos here and here. Alternatively, you might just want to dive straight into it right now.

Justin Buitendam shared his views with Forkast News on optimism in the crypto world

Our Global Head of Institutional Sales, Justin Buitendam, spoke to Forkast News about the potential reasons of the crypto price increment in July and offers some good insights. Watch the video here

Cryptopotato gives shining review of

Our friends at CryptoPotato put together an amazing review of our exchange and it’s your complete guide to navigating — everything from features to how to use the platform. See the comprehensive guide here launches webinar series

Good stuff is meant to be shared. We’ve come up with a three-part series on a Beginner’s Guide to crypto and options trading, and you’d definitely like to get started right here.






















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